Cycles Rendering - "Device" option is not there

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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It drives me crazy, in various forums whoever has a similar problem, trying, searching, different ways to solve problems like this. Sometimes nothing works, but when tested on the hardware environment and may be different systems that did not work.

Can not we do something, something that could be beneficial to all who have similar problems like this. Maybe is kind of a formal letter to BlenderFoundation.

no, I have to thank you.

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The problem would be simple if everyone had exactly the same computer & software. But we don't. And anyone who has ever done any Quality Assurance knows even 'identical' machines end up having differences.

Here, we have 3 main families of graphics chipset - intel, amd/ati, nvidia; each with their own video drivers. We have two families of GPU code - CUDA, which is best supported, and OpenCL, which kinda sorta supported.

Throw in the various versions of Linux, OSX and Windows and you have a bazillion possible combinations where things may or may not work.

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