Where is the window that I can watch the rendering progress

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Where is the window that I can watch the rendering progress

Post by terryleemartin »

I'm a bit embarassed. :oops: I'm still quite new, but I'm learning everyday. There are so many windows to open that It is quite easy to get lost in Blender. I have a project rendering, as I write this, and I can't figure out how to get to the window to watch this rendering process as it is occuring. I had it open yesterday, but can't figure out how to find it again. :(

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unless I don't get what you're talking about...

Post by smekras »

you can bring up the render view by hitting F11 (or the menu) but it should show up anyway when you render something (either by hitting F11 or from the menu)

whether it shows in the normal blender window or as a pop up depends on your settings
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Post by fsidney »

I think that as a default, the render times are going to be shown right on the fly and when that is not showed up, you might have set it up to be hidden so that you could still do some changes even while the render progress is running on the background.

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