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Rendering with textures/exporting PSA & PSK

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:07 pm
by justin_on_the_hill
Hello, this is my first post and I was making it a 2 in 1.

1st. I'm running Blender 2.63, using Blender Render (F12) and (F3) to produce a render. I cannot get it to render my textures. I have the texture assigned to a material and have the material applied and can see it in the 3D viewport. I've tried all sorts of combinations of checking and unchecking options in my Materials and Render tabs in properties to no avail.

Any ideas?

2nd. I have exported a few models as ASE files and brought them into UDK with no problem. But I have been trying to export using the Unreal add on in PSA/PSK format, however every time I run the exporter, there seems to be an error in the code, Blender has a (not responding) warning for a few seconds and I get an error message that there were errors in a few lines of the add on code

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you big time!

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:30 am
by justin_on_the_hill
I am getting textures, however it's not lining up with my UV mapping for some reason.

Still perplexed on the psa/psk export though