cluster rendering, povanim, etc

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cluster rendering, povanim, etc

Post by ananke »

I was wondering what are some suggested ways to put blender and clusters to work together. Currently we have mpi povray running just fine, and we'd like to use that to render stuff generated via blender. That's one option; however, the only option I seem to have is povanim.

I'll be frank, and say that povanim is not what I expected. First, seems that each release of povanim is meant to work with only a specific [and precompiled] version of blender. After couple hours of mix/match game, I still get the following error:

NameError: name 'My_Math' is not defined

So my questions are:

- what are some of the recommended ways to be able to harness povray's rendering power with the blender's files?
- are there other suggested network/cluster [mpi prefferably] rendering engines that blender supports?

Thanks for your input.

[by the way, platform in question is x86 linux, glibc 2.3.2, python 2.3.2, gcc 3.3.2]

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Post by SirDude »

not really an answer to your question but most people use the lowtech
commandline options and rsh/ssh onto your
various machines and render X number of frames
then combine the anims after they have been

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Post by comadreja »

Please, take a look at drqueue on It should solve the network rendering problems.

Best wishes,


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Post by miko5881 »

There is also this option for blenders build in renderer when working with Openmosix. We plan be be using this and Yafray to do rendering on our cluster one we get it working for next semester :D

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