Can it be achived by blender& (Texturing, rendering)

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Can it be achived by blender& (Texturing, rendering)

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Hi all. I'm using blender for creating fully textured models for my game. To get some particular effect I need outline boarders of the model by white 8 px line. Now I'm making this by myself using texture paint function but it takes me a lot of time and the result is not always as go as i need so i wounder can blender do that for me?
First I create a model, than i do UV unwarp, than I'm using texture bake to create base texture to paint on, finaly i'm using texture paint to outline boarders by white they should be bright white. The example of the result please look here.
So can it be achived by blender i mean frough nodes or anything else cause it takes me usualy several hours just for painting boarders

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