Ambient Occlusion render pass trouble

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Ambient Occlusion render pass trouble

Post by zooneyboy »

I have spent a long time just rendering out the main pass, saving it, then rendering out the AO and combining the two in photoshop.

Well i have recently got into compositing within blender, and let me say it is excellent. One problem though, I don't know how to render out an ambient occlusion pass using CYCLES.

this is my process:
- i create two layers, one normal, one AO
-in the AO layer,I check ambient occlusion in render layers, and it doesn't do anything.
-when i then used common sense, and decided to try enabeling AO in the world tab
-when i do that, it messes up both layers, and they both look weird

PLUS: even when i am not trying to do anything special, whenever i enable AO it keeps all the colors from the scene objects and really looks weird.

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