Jerky animations

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Jerky animations

Post by Kennie »

Hi, I'm quite new to Blender but my ambition is to make small animations. However when I render them theyre very jerky. My computer is Lenovo with Intel (R) Pentium (R)CPU G620 @2.6GHZ 2.6GHZ
RAM 2.00 GB 32 Bit OS.

The Video card is AMD Radeon HD 6450 A.
Is this inadequate for smooth animation? if so what specs do I need?

Omar Sobhy
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Post by Omar Sobhy »

I have the same problem ...
I tried saving the video with many extensions (AVI RAW - AVI JPEG - MPEG - H.264 ....etc)
I tried it with 50 fps !!!
but the animation still unsmooth !!!
We need any help :?:

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