Help!Rendering issues

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Help!Rendering issues

Post by toso »

I just started using Blender and its a very good program :D .I am a beginer and i just wanted to make a minecraft block.I followed a tutorial on youtube and when i clicked render i got a white cube.I thought it was the tutorial so i watched another one.I followed it to the letter and clicked F12 to render and again a white cube!I followed these 2 videos:
Can someone help me and tell me where did i make a mistake? :cry:

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white model when rendered

Post by apm-designs »

Hello toso,

It is very difficult to know what has gone wrong, The only thing that I can think of is something to do with the lighting.

Maybe you have increased the intensity of the light sooooo high it is washing out the model.

Maybe you have the light "Emit" high too.

Check your light settings.

Hope this helps

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Post by farbw3rk »


did you use blenderrender or cycles. and if cycles: cpu or gpu rendering?

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