Compute Device? Blender 2.64

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Compute Device? Blender 2.64

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Under "User Preferences" // "System" tab there's a Compute Device option and there are 2 choices...NONE and OpenCL.
Below that a drop down menu with, Barts, and a greyed out Compute Device.

Which of these is my GPU? I tried both options and during renderings all 8 CPU cores are maxed out, I can't tell if the GPU is even available.

I have an ATI 6870 and it should definitely be able to handle renderings better than my CPU which is an Intel I7 I-2600k.
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similar issue here

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I have an i7 quad core Laptop with an Intel HD Graphics card that I'd like to render cycles on, but in the system preferences the only Device listed is the CPU, There is Nothing for the GPU listed anywhere in my 2.64 except for Mipmapping. How do I change this, or are Intel cards not supported?

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Post by Tehrasha »

I am unaware of any Intel chipset/card which supports CUDA/OpenCL GPU rendering.

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