Crafter.. how do you use this with yafray?

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Crafter.. how do you use this with yafray?

Post by gendou »

hi, i'm tinkering with Crafter.. but there isn't a help file, tutorials, etc on the developer site and i didn't see anything here or on elysiun. so just how the hell do you use this thing? it's really neat and it's nice to have a node based shader creator .. but how do you get the materials OUT of crafter once you've got one you like?
also, a little documentation on what some of the functions do would help. have a look at shaderman for RIB compliant renderers. it's nice and you can dump the shader to an .sl or .slc file for use in your renderer.
i'd just like to know how you do that with Crafter. after bringing up the menu block, i can go up a level to a list of things like: output.tga, preview.mat, mreview.xml, etc. i click on one, and the box disappears.
another thing is, does it need to be installed in a particular place, like the same directory of the renderer? there's NO documentation that comes with it and i'm sure i'm not the only person out there who's stumped by this tool.



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Post by wavk »

Hi gendou,

Whoa I can't believe I forgot to mention anything about that on my site. Well, there's not much to mention, because the output options of crafter are not much yet.

But to render the preview of the material, Crafter exports to the file named preview.mat in the Data folder. This contains the xml code for the material. To use this material in your own xml files, take a look at preview.xml, that is the default preview scene, the sphere on the plane. You'll notice that at the top I include the shader file. That basicly copy/pastes the text in preview.mat to preview.xml.

There is also a version of yable, which has a button to fetch the current material in Crafter and apply it to the selected object, but I can't remember where it was.

The menu is only intended to be a menu, but because maybe I wanted the blocks to be plugins some time, I made the menu a small file browser:) The .mb files are just empty text files at the moment, and just function as menu items :)

There's no particular place where it needs to be installed, so no documentation is needed for that, but I can understand you might think about it.

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Post by kino »

hi just download it from here

select the object and go to the material panel
select Crafter material from the selector

ciao italian site

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