[Compositing] how to generate 2 version of the same object ?

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[Compositing] how to generate 2 version of the same object ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a long time fan of blender but I can't find a solution to my problem: I have an object and I have no problem with it, I can generate what I need for the compositing phase; my problem is that i need a 2nd version of the same object but with a modifier applied to it and add this last render to the inputs in the compositing while keeping it together with all the previous renders.

Basically imagine to render suzanne as it is with custom materials and all the usual settings, and render the same previous object plus a subdivision surface modifier applied to it: how to import the 2 renders in the same workflow in the compositing ?

This sounds simple but honestly I haven't found a workable solution yet.

Probably I can try to link materials around the scene and duplicate all the models I need in other layers and organize them in different render layers, but this complicate things like a lot and it's probably not a viable solution in the long run.

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Post by psullie »

could you try different render layers

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