OSX Blender 2.65 and CUDA kernels ?

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OSX Blender 2.65 and CUDA kernels ?

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Hi all,

Just looking for some clarity on harnessing CUDA cores for Cycles rendering.

I recently installed a GTX 570 into my Mac Pro and was excited to get Blender tapping into the CUDA cores. But it appears the standard 2.65 install does not recognize the card or provide CUDA as a rendering option.

However, if I use a build such as:

It all works!

In both cases, I have Nvidia CUDA 5.0 drivers installed. Does this interfere and should I downgrade to 4.2? Does the custom Blender build ignore installed drivers and instead use the CUDA kernels in the build?

I simply want the official Blender build with CUDA support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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