Network Render always return [Errno 2] No such file ...

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Network Render always return [Errno 2] No such file ...

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Hi! I'm completely new to Blender. To be more exact: I don't know anything about Blender, I'm just helping out a friend.
I saw my friend tried to render an animation for hours, so i thought it should be possible to use distributed computing to render it.

I found the Network Render addon in Blender and loaded two Ubuntu computers as a master and a slave. I then used my MacBook (OSX) as client, but every time i send a job i get an error on the slave.

The error is always in this "format":
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/some_random_numbers/job_1/000001.exr'

I have tried OSX, Ubuntu and Windows as slave, but they all return the same error.

Thanks in advance![/code]

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