Blender: Texture not displaying after exporting to .DAE

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Blender: Texture not displaying after exporting to .DAE

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I am using Blender to create a model and convert to .dae and then again convert to .pod to use in Cocos3d iOS app. The issue is, after exported it to .dae , the added texture is gone. Because of this, i am not able to get the proper output in Cocos3d IOS app development.


Created like house walls and added blue color material
Created a Roof separately using Plane node. Added a texture for roof by doing unwrap and UV/Image editor.
Combined this Roof into the existing house wall model
Set the camera focus and light. Looking the model is fine as expected.
Convert to .dae using File menu->Export->Collada (.dae)
If i check the .dae file, it doesn't added the expected Roof texture image.

[Note: I have set 'Relative paths' when adding this texture]

I am using Blender 2.65a, i tried even with Blender 2.61, the same texture not displaying issue occurred.

Blend, texture file and DAE file is here in this link -> ... M25sZThUQw

I need your help urgently. Please help to solve texture issue.

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