[feature request] Input nodes from inactive cameras

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[feature request] Input nodes from inactive cameras

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I'm not sure where feature requests go so I'm gonna post here. It would be very useful if the Compositor had input nodes which would allow the use of inactive cameras in a scene. If it's possible to implement, could the Blender team please add this in a future version?

Scenes may have multiple cameras but only one can be the active camera at a time. However, nodes should allow using inactive cameras as well for secondary purposes. Currently you can only use cameras from other scenes, so in order to do this you need a copy of your same scene only with the active camera different.

A quick example where this might be useful: Let's say you're rendering a room which contains a screen and a CCTV camera providing video to that screen. With such a node, an inactive camera could be placed in front of the modeled camera and used to render to the TV screen into a different output. The entire thing could be done in one scene and without scripts or other complicated methods.

I actually noticed the lack of this feature when looking for a way to make anaglyph (red-cyan stereo) renders. You need nodes, to have two cameras for each eye (which makes sense) but also to have two scenes which are a copy of the same thing, because you can't input from inactive cameras in the same scene.

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