Request - Curvature maps

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Request - Curvature maps

Post by Darknoodles »

Hello, i discovered Substance Designer a month ago, and i watched features videos and tutorial to see what the software is capable of.
And they have a function called Curvature map, that calculate the curvature of the mesh and renders it as a white and black map.
This looks really useful especially for mechanic modeling, so it spares you decaying the edges yourself. Lets say you want to make your spaceship looking a bit decayed, you just have to bake the curvature map, and apply it to your model (as an overlay or blend layer). ... 9lI#t=471s

They have some more interesting features, so i invite you to visite their site and get an idea of what could be added to blender.

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Post by CoDEmanX »

isn't it somehow similar to a specular map? Well, i bet there is a combination of nodes or material/texture settings to achieve something similar.
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