Cycles Hair Rendering in post 2.66 testbuild 1

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Cycles Hair Rendering in post 2.66 testbuild 1

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When Blender 2.66 introduced cycles strand rendering I downloaded and created a project in 2.66 testbuild 1. Everything works perfectly the rendering work well...just slow render times, so I put the project aside to wait for GPU strand rendering. I downloaded 2.68 opened my file, set cycles to GPU (exprimental & supported) hit render, no hair. Change to CPU, no hair. Redo the materials, no hair. Redo the particles, no hair.

Here's the the project in 2.68. Open it in 2.66 testbuild 1 and hair renders. I downloaded 2.66 official, 2.67 and same no hair rendering. I'm perplexed as to what is happening, that I can only render hair for this project in a 2.66 test build.
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