Hardware concern for Blender Render (Not Cycles)

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Hardware concern for Blender Render (Not Cycles)

Post by louiep »

I want to upgrade my graphics card and make it work with blender (using graphics power instead of CPU), but I use blender render instead of Cycles for high poly modeling and exporting them after baking textures. My questions:

a) Does using a graphics card better the performance (CUDA or OpenCL) when used for Blender render and not Cycles.
b) If Yes, what type of graphics is more important. One with a larger VRAM 4GB GDDR3 or a better and faster one but smaller in size, say a 1GB GDDR5?
c) Is using an ATI card for the same purpose going to achieve similar results as an nVidia based card? (I read that ATI based GPU rendering isn't yet possible and is on hold)
d) My primary work involves modeling and baking the items in blender render with high sample bakes using Environment Maps or Ambient Occlusion map bakes. Does using a GPU based rendering help with that?[/u]

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Post by psullie »

Blender internal renderer does not access your GPU, for that you'll need RAM and lots of CPU cores with hyper threading

So far texture baking used the internal renderer so it's CPU based.

There is a plan to use Cycles for baking so that it can utilise your GPU but that's a ways off.

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