Collada (dae) file problem - Duplicated Joints error

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Collada (dae) file problem - Duplicated Joints error

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Hai guys, i am working on a game and using blender as modelling.
I have exported it to Collada (.dae) file, and i had written my own engine to parse the xml file and reading the model into the game.

I have encountered some problem with the library_controller part.
My problem is, i have duplicated joints (for e.g, LEG_L, LEG_L) in the same joint-array source, and actually missing 2 joints (Inverse Kinematic joints) from the collada file which suppose to be there (but ended up nope!)

This causes so much pains in heart because i had my skeleton-bones loaded from library_visual_scenes, but just doesn't seems to comply with the joints data from the controller.

Is there anything i had missed during export procedure?
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