no photons sent...

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no photons sent...

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at first i want to thank all those who helped in any way doing blender 2.32!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's just great...arealights, raytracing with this fresnel effect and displacements are awesome! :)

But I have problems using photons:(
When I have a scene with 1 arealight, an emitting plane and some objects, I use yafray as renderer. at "YafRay GI" I chose Full and photons, then i check "tuning photons". after rendering, the scene stays dark (even at power 50). A look at the console shows, photons where shot. But the image is totally black (RGB=00 00 00).
When I turn off "tuning photons" everything seems to work well (pics look great then!). What am I doing wrong???

Anyway it's great fun, playing around with so many new features and it looks, as if the during-a-2-hour-film render jobs will take two full days. But the results will look so much better... :D


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