Food for thought

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Food for thought

Post by Analogy »

I remember seeing someone around here say "Blender's native render engine is only good for its speed," and the sentiment around here seems to be that Yafray integraton is the latest greatest thing that everyone is using. You seem to be underestimating the importance of speed!

Sure you can raytrace everything when you're making art for art's sake, but folks, remember where Blender came from! In-house animation software for an animation studio that needed to get things *done.* Let me tell you a story. I use Blender for creating animations for small television productions. I started working on an animation for tonight, yesterday. I rendered it overnight and brought it in and used it in the production. *That* is what Blender is all about! If Blender had been a raytracer, it would still be rendering! The animation got tons of compliments, including from a tech guy for a school who will now be installing it on their video editing machines and buying a few manuals to go with it.

Now I don't want to hear any nonsense about getting rid of the native render engine.

BTW, if you're interested, the animation can be seen here, source file here. DivX 5.05. Of course, the version I used in the production was at broadcast res and 30 frames per second, so it took a while to render on my poor 1 Ghz, mostly affected by the two area lights and 5 halo lights. =D I couldn't use fields (which you should use if you're going to be putting your animation on TV) because I have no idea how our graphics playback software interprets fields - odd or even first.

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Post by A2597 »

I uses the raytracer...from time to time.

frankly, I STILL don't like yafray rendering...

90% of time, it's blender's built in renderer...
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Post by eeshlo »

There are no plans whatsoever to replace Blender's render engine, it is here to stay, which doesn't mean it can still (and will) be improved.

So what if you don't like yafray at all, who says you have to? I'm sure you're not the only one. Even if 'everyone' says it is the greatest thing ever, doesn't mean you have to feel the same way, think and decide for yourself.

On that topic, read my post here: ... pic&t=2907

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yafray vs. blender = nonsense

Post by padrino »

At first I have to say, I really like Analogy's animation. It looks awesome and shows, what you can achieve with lighting and blender renderer.

But imo there is no loser in the race internal vs. yafray: they both do have advantages, but also disadvantages.
For your situation, Analogy, blender's renderer was the best choice, mainly for speed reasons.
And I don't think yafray was made for such quick jobs. But when you need that photorealistic look for a longer animation (I supppose it is then well planned), you will somehow have time for yafray rendering.

So both are brilliant, but you carefully have to decide which one you use...

thats MY opinion, every other thoughts are welcome :)


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Post by jeotero »

Agree but have their own good and bad things, but can and will be improved

they are tools , and each can be used for different situations ...

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Post by jeotero »

forgot to say
it's nice to have the yafray integration, but it needs a 2.32a bug/feature release :P ...

nice implementation but missing stuff, he heh the beauty of open source, brave souls, release early, release often :)

he heh

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