using yafray algorithms in internal renderer - possibly lame

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using yafray algorithms in internal renderer - possibly lame

Post by alt »

I have understood that Yafray is pretty fast for GI raytracer. And Blender renderer has had raytrace additions lately.

So would it be useful to use some (possibly superior) raytrace/GI code from Yafray instead of Blenders own raytrace code and use those with Blenders scanline renderer?

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Post by Analogy »

It's probably an issue of getting them to cooperate. Blender is fundamentally a scanline renderer with some selective raytracing, built for speed. Yafray is fundamentally a raytracer with GI functionality, built for visual quality.


Post by alt »

A reply! I can't breathe! :shock:

>Blender is fundamentally a scanline renderer ... Yafray is fundamentally a
>raytracer with GI functionality

Yes, but I though some kind of hybrid renderer could be possible. It seems to be possible since Blender already uses both.
If it would be hard (or useless) to render both in a single pass then maybe it would be possible to render scanline pass and GI pass separately and then composite them together?

Well, it was just an idea.

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Post by alltaken »

Alt yes its called "rendering in passes"

i have rendered lights in blender, like 5 seperate lights etc... and then rendered global illumination in yafray.

combining many layers of fast blender renders with a, reasonable time yafray render of shadows gives for the nicest results.

and in photoshop or the gimp, afterwards you can change the intensity of lights, the colour of lights, the intensity and contrast of shadows etc... best part of it all is its in real time. rather than waiting for another long render.

however i agree it would be nice to have a hybrid. or at least GI in blender.

however rendering in passes is still a nice idea ;)


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Post by harkyman »

As long as you're talking about doing a seperate GI pass, you might as well check out this very cool thread on AO in Blender, which would basically do what you want. ... 68&start=0

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