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rendering formats

Post by gabe1k »

sorry about posting this if it's somewhere already. i looked pretty extensively and used the search function. anyway, i'm new to blender, and i just figured out how to save a file in .avi format without getting a blend file. but the file won't play in quicktime or windows media player. says the file is invalid. any ideas what's going on?

also, the new manual says:
Clicking the selection box below
(in Figure 3-20, "Targa" is chosen) opens a menu with all available output formats for
images and animations. For still images we might choose Jpeg, for example.

i don't see anywhere that "targa" is chosen in the example. and the only menu i get for file select is my documents folder. is there not a list of file formats to choose from?

thank you for any help. Blender is a great program and the sort of thing i have been looking for for a long time. i can't believe i hadn't come across it before.

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Post by fligh »

1) maybe you just need a compatable codec for QT/WM.

2) in the Scene buttons F10, in the "Formats" tab, the default format is Targa.

You'll find useful


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