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Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2004 7:11 pm
by slikdigit
Isn't the fpu on the p4 a bit braindead, unless you use SSE or SSE2 optimizations? an unoptimized blender would probably better on a P3, or an Athlon clock for clock, than a P4 ( 1gHz to 2.6 seems huge)
cache size very important
cache speed important ( tho I think the cache on P4s runs at the same speed as the cpu?)
deeper pipeline on the P4 could cause slowdowns if there are many branch mispredicts.
overall system stuff, i.e. other tasks running, spyware/adware, misconfiguration,
perhaps other hardware being braindead (e.g. winmodems using cpu for some of their functions, probably NOT the case here, but there's shared memory gfx cards, etc)