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Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Post by macke »

MrMunkily wrote:my mech spider took less than an hour at 800x600
A _fast_ raytracer would do that in less than ten minutes. I can honestly say that it would probably be faster still with a renderer like Mental Ray.

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raytracing in blender

Post by padrino »

I really love blender... mainly because it's free, but anyway it is a great program.

I think it would be the best to make a new button "rendering with external renderer", where you can chose the options for the raytracing-process (dof, photons, everything and what about real motion blur?) and then blender automatically exoprts all the information dircetly to an external renderer; why not yafray....... This wouldn't just be good for blender it would give blender a BIG BIG BIG step forward. Now, blender is a very good modellingtool and also animationtool, as far as I can tell... But the renderer is old, lets face it... And unfortunatly no exportscript works well on my system, so I'm stuck to the internal renderer and I can't use any of my graphics or animations in videos.

It's not important which raytracer will be used for this, it is important there IS a raytracer implementet into blender.

And just think of it: with a more or less powerfull raytracer (also working on animations) blender would be a real option besides commercial products!

I want to appologize for everything, you have heard already and I wrote again, but i wanted to tell you my opinion and well, you've read it. thanks! :lol:


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Post by HexFex »

It's not important which raytracer will be used for this, it is important there IS a raytracer implementet into blender.
I totally agree! :twisted:

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Post by Homer_S »

MrMunkily wrote:
YafRAY looks very very promising
Yes, it does!, but yafray also seems to have stopped its development while blender opened up. I'm sure that as soon as blender starts developing a more extensive way to link a renderer, they'll start coding that stuff on their end as well.
Didn't Yafray release version 0.0.4 on May 19th of 2003? At least that what it says on their home page. Have they stopped developing Yafray since then? Just curious cause I really don't know.
I really hope not because some of those pics in their gallery look fantastic. Here is another link to their homepage. http://www.coala.uniovi.es/~jandro/noname/

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Post by Dani »

No, yafray developpement is still active.


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Post by mr_rob »

I downloaded YAFRAY and it produced some very nice results. I might start using it instead of the internal Blender one!

Hopefully it can be integrated into Blender.

Best wishes,
:arrow: Mr. Rob

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