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Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Post by ideasman »

As I have said before, splitting animation frames is a hell of a lot easier then splitting tiles.

I only coded the tile based one because it was more fun.

One day when Im not so busy with work I might have a stab at getting my blenderFarm script to have the options for both-

Mabe sombody would like to extend it themselves? - Cam

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Post by joeri »

If the renderfarm is rendering the one image (in tiles or not) you're working on, you have the extra plus that you can continue working and don't need to wait till the image is ready.

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problems with manual distribution

Post by fitchmicah »

Not to mention that it is extra confusing, I noticed alot of problems when I worked super hard and failed to render 3000 frames on 24 CPUs a few weeks ago. The main problem was that every computer had a different gamma or something. I was rendering with the exact same file on every computer, and gamma correction off (I tried it on too, same problem). I was using ambient occlusion with a low sample rate, so I think this may have been the problem. When I rendered on renderplanet (which renders like 50 times faster then the estimates :D), I didn't get this problem. I think grid software solves it (mossix, xgrid?) Hopefully renderplanet gets a mac client soon. Maybe some studio will be willing to give away some free render time for a poor students scholarship project.

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Post by bertram »

I'm still unsure whether to bring my 'farm' (5x PIV2,8/512MB) to the conference for a session about distributed rendering!
I'd really like to revise the renderd/broker code but my knowledge of C++ has become very much scruffy. Therefore I'd need a reliable assistance.
Please give me your opinions quickly because time runs out! Thanks!

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Post by dotblend »

there was a out of a box render solution... try contacting youri about it (ex nan) he made it so... he might still have the code was pc only tho...

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Post by mr_rob »

Yes Bertram, please bring your renderfarm. I won't be at the conference but it surely will help development of a distributed renderer by bringing the idea to everyone's eyes.
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