Blending Materials and Material Painting

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Blending Materials and Material Painting

Post by hello »

When Texturing models in blender, you can assign certain faces to different materials. Unfortunately, when you do this, you are left with a sharp transition from one material to the next. In other words, the material changes instantly to another material when it reaches a face with a different material.

I was wondering if there could be a feature that would allow this transition to blend or be smooth. While it is sometimes beneficial to have sharp transitions, it would be nice if there was an option so materials could blend into one another over a series of faces. I understand that there is vertex painting and UV-mapping, but vertex painting only blends colors, and UV-mapping can be a pain if your using mostly procedurals. So maybe something like a "Material Paint" where you could paint a material to vertices and the whole materials would blend over the surface.

Thanks for any input.

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Post by alltaken »

yeah i'd love this two.

the only way i have ever managed to do this is by duplicating a mesh, splitting it into the different parts, (with slight overlap) then changing the size of one of the meshs ever so slightly to be over the other, and using a UV mapped alpha channel to make the transitin smooth.

way to much trouble if you ask me. but i know what you mean.


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