how to make a realistic image with yafray?

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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how to make a realistic image with yafray?

Post by jit2004 »

I really don't understand how can you make real materials, and realistic imaging while textures rendering with yafray don't work. Anyone please??
If anyone knows of a good renderer which is thoroughly integrated to Blender please tell me.(i've tried virtualight but had problems with the script - running blender 2.35a)

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It's really hard!

Post by loos »


I'm not super sure what you're asking. If you're really just asking how to make a good picture with yafray, it's like asking how to make a good picture with pencil and paper. You have to have talent, practice, and know your tools. If that's what you're really looking for I'd head over to

it's more of a user forum, where as this is a developer forum.

If you're having problems with Yafray running, then this is probably the right place to ask. Maybe if you could post some more specific errors you're getting? Like, I press this button and then the console says this, or I do this that and the other thing and then blender crashes. That might be more helpful for those who could help. Also tell people your about the system you're running on (Win/Lin/Mac/BSD, processor, graphics card)

As far as I've read around here, everyone seems to like yafray a lot and it's very integrated with blender. Also, lancelot is/was working on an integration with blender and aqsis. I bet if you do a search through the forums for aqsis (or the forums at their site, though it's been down lately), you could find some more stuff about it. But I think it involves downloading a specific blender build and building it. I can't remember.

Good Luck!


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Post by levon »

yafray is interrated well with blender, how do you think all the yafray renders are made??? most of them are exported from blender.

you say that textures dont work, how so? they work for me. though it could be that you dont have your path set up properley, i think widndows screws up the paths sometimes.

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