Reflect Stars

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Reflect Stars

Post by enriq766 »

It's almost 1:30 in the morning...I am making a ship for a movie and I want it to be very reflective. Problem is I want it to reflect the stars in the universe. I dont need the stars that are in the World options. I was thinking maybe make a object with stars and using that. I dont know, thats why im asking here. Hopefully I will have first part of movie up even if it is with out the shiny texture. I want the reflection to move as I animate. Kinda like the Naboo ship from Star Wars. This is a BIG movie and I dont want to take short cuts. even if someone could make a small sample file and I could download it would be helpful. THANKS GUYS..and girls. :?:

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Post by SirDude »

You would probably want to use a sky sphere or something similar.

(i.e. make a huge sphere with a star texture on it You could do also try say 3 of them
at different distances from the object using transparency that way you might get a
more realistic look for the movement of them.)

You'll need to adjust the cliping value though to get it to work correctly.

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Post by MrMunkily »

I ahve a .blend I made about a year ago with a polygonal & textured space scene.

It's quite nice (IMNSHO) . It's made of halo'ed vertices & has a nebula.

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Post by ThrashDog6 »

Instead of environment-mapping every frame, which takes forever (no, duh! :) ), you could try just making a star texture + other non-moving objects like planets, if you want them. Then apply it to the to ship's material and click the "ref" button in the group of texture coordinate buttons. It should move like a real reflection.

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