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blender from command line

Post by sdm900 »


I've happily built blender for an SGI 3700 Bx2 system (Itanium2) using the Intel V9 compilers and rendered some scenes (blender -b test.blend -f 1).

A few things I would like help with. How can I make the command line tool write the output .jpg to a specific file? Currently it dumps the file in /tmp which is causing some problems.

Another problem is that blender seems to ignore $TMPDIR and uses /tmp regardless of what I set TMPDIR to.


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Post by tcp »

The output directory where the results of rendering are placed, is specified in the .blend file, doesn't it?

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Post by jesterKing »

The same goes for /tmp. It is a value you have to set while creating your .blend. Check the output panel (F10).


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