Support for Maxwell Renderer?

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Support for Maxwell Renderer?

Post by stephenbuck »

Does anyone know if there is support for the Maxwell renderer available or in development? I'm currently using DXF, but tighter integration would be really cool!

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External Rendering API

Post by loos »


From what I know the rendering system just underwent an extensive re-write but the external rendering api (which is what you would need to use Maxwell, plus a plugin from Maxwell I supose, to get really tight integration) hasn't been written yet, though it is up as an idea for the Google 2006 Summer of Code. But I don't see any SoC projects listed yet.

There's some good information on what Ton did for the rendering re-write though if you'd like to take a look: ... 727.0.html


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Post by Inktvlek »

Maybe this doesn't answer your question directly, but you may want to look into the freeware opponent of Maxwell; Indigo
If you look at the gallery, you'll see the quality of the renders are very high - it's a nice program to play with (especially since it doesn't cost anything!).

Together with some other people I wrote an exporter, which you can download from the wiki: ... o_exporter

The beta version is much improved (much faster, hdr environments and more realistic camera), but I didn't update the exporter yet...

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Post by Caronte »

Inktvlek wrote:...but I didn't update the exporter yet...
Do you know when the exporter will be updated?

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Post by Inktvlek »

This is a new version, but you need to add HDR environments manually to the xml (see the 0.5beta post for instructions)

Indigo 0.5beta exporter

have fun!

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Post by arnaud »

stephenbuck, sorry to go on this Indigo / OT, but it's a fascinating renderer.

Inktvlek given that I tried every version of the exporter I found since you guys started it, I found that there is always something missing (I edit the xml by hand, so that's a detail). Then, the problem is that after the warmup, it crashes, and the log doesn't inform me much about what's going on. Maybe the parameters I set by hand in the XML files are absurd (I tried different things though).
Here are the 2 I add / hand:

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