Blender not using all my RAM to render

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Blender not using all my RAM to render

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I am rendering a short animation but it is taking forever to render. Every frame is 5:42 to render. I have an Athlon FX-55, 2 GB RAM, ATI Radeon x850 Platinum. The only thing I am noticing is that while Blender is rendering it is only using about 75 MB RAM. Why isn't Blender using more? Could there be a problem with my setup or something. The computer is recognizing the 2 GB so I do not know what the problem may be. I would appreciate any info on the matter.

Thank you!

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Post by Sutabi »

Ram is only used when needed.

Larger textures and geometric data require massive amounts of ram, but extensive raytracing just relys on cpu. So if you got AO, Ray Shadows/Transpancy, your not going to use lot of ram. Also you Graphics Card has no play in final rendering.

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