Feature Request: Resolution independent node compositor

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Feature Request: Resolution independent node compositor

Post by AkhIL »

Most compositing programs supports proxy image processing. For examle if you compose HD image you can compose it first as half of HD resolution and then just turn off proxy processing.

Blender have buttons like 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% in rendering panel. But for efficient workflow image input node must have same fields to input separate image for each proxy scale. Image node must downscale higher resolutinln image if lower proxy field empty.

Compositing with different scales must make same looking results. To achieve this all varables measured in pixels must be measured in some units, For example in imeage widths.

In any case new node compositor it is big step forward for whole open source.

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Post by mpan3 »

I find that blur is one of the most used functions in the scene node editor. with a complex setup (DoF, diffusion, flare and other feathering effect) the number of blur function can be as high as 10. however most people don't have the leisure to always preview their renders at 100% the original size, yet the blur size are fixed and a picture that looks ok at 25% ends up looks completely different because all your blur kernels will be 75% percent 'smaller' than you intended.

It would be nice if blender automatically scale the blur size according to the preview size set in the render window.

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