Feature Request: Displace map compositor node

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Feature Request: Displace map compositor node

Post by AkhIL »

It will be nice to have Displace node. Just like Filters->Map->Displace in gimp.

This node must get pixels from input1 with offset calculated with:

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offset[X] = (input2[R] - 0.5) * amount_X
offset[Y] = (input2[G] - 0.5) * amount_Y
This node can be just slightly recoded Translate node. But I am not cpp coder and have no idea how to add antialiasing.

With this node easily can be done effects like:
:arrow: Refraction for transparent objects (just map normal map as input2)
:arrow: Distortion in hot air like in rocket's jet or over hot road
:arrow: Water distortion like in Elephants Dream intro

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