Feature Request: Blender Frameserver

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Feature Request: Blender Frameserver

Post by Ammusionist »

I understand the current frameserver simply responds to an HTTP request by rendering an image, returning it down the IP pipeline and incrementing it's frame number counter and listening for the next request. What would it take for Blender to be able to respond to the following information within the HTTP header?:

a) Frame Number
This would enable a frame-client to request a specific image if one were corrupted along the way.

b) Camera Location and Rotation
This would enable Blender to serve images for, say a MUD or mapping program that would enable a web page to pass context-sensitive parameters back to the Blender Server and receive the appropriate image back.

Of course, a developer would want to be careful about rendering times and such as response time is critical in web applications, but a simple 400x300px map showing say, property boundries over a bitmap imaged ground plane should render in seconds.

Hmmm - Actually, in retrospect, it might be better to wait until the web plug-in's back out of alpha and do the interactive stuff that way.

Just the frame number request then?

Just a thought!

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