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Shockwave Deployable

Post by Aquiva »

The concept here,
1st, is it possible to make it so Blender could deploy as a shockwave file, and thus replace the existing (old) web plugin?

2nd, if so, what would be the best steps in that direction?
...who would be interested?
...and how could I get a project going?

~ Mark
(P.S., is there any new stuff on web games with blender? If so, please give me a link)
Earnestly Trying to Learn Blender

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Shockwave Flash file rendering

Post by eLearningGuru »

Hi Mark,

Did you get any response to your questions?? I am in the same pickle. I have asked the question to the forum again, before I found your post. OOPPPSSS. I see that other people are trying to go in the same direction that I am. When I was using 3D Studio Max, I used a third party utility to accomplish this. I have not found one for Blender yet.


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Re: Shockwave Deployable

Post by zoiba »

I believe it's very hard generate shockwave files from Blender because it's a closed format and Adobe (and Macromedia before) never released specifications. I suppose it could be made a w3d exporter (the shockwave 3d file format) using the SDK but you are stuck to Director anyway.

I believe it's more realistic aim to a new web plugin to reproduce blend file on users browser.

I'm using shockwave from a long time but because its 3d engine is quite obsolete and it wont run natively on linux I'm not very happy with it. I'm just now looking for alternatives and blender could be a good substitute for a long list of reasons if only it had the web plugin.

How make it happen? I don't know. I don't have the skills to make the plugin myself starting from Blender source.

If there was enough people interested in it we could financing a willing coder for developing it. I'm so convinced that a web plugin is so essential that I'm disposed to pay some money to have it.


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Post by matos »

have you tryed this? ... index.html

im not sure if this is of any help...

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Post by LetterRip »


Blender does have an old game engine plugin for web browsers but it is no longer supported.

However for shockwave - export to XSI; and then use XSI to shockwave tool (it is at sourceforge).


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