How can i make my car go on the ramp and not threw it? (GAME

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How can i make my car go on the ramp and not threw it? (GAME

Post by kikokoo »

I just made a car game and i made a road with a ramp, i g o on the raod and when ig et to the ramp my car just passes threw it. know why?

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Post by OTO »

Just enable "collision" for the ramp "faces"?!

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Post by SaltyOREO »

OTO im not sure if that would work, you can give it a try though.

I remember i did it once and i enabled "actor", "dynamic", and "rigid body" on the object going over the ramp and had the bounds be box (because i had a cube) and i had the ramp be "actor" with a "static triangle mesh" bounds

I just tried it and for some reason my base cube kept falling even though there was no dynamic but hopefully it will work for you

best of luck,

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Post by stiv »

For answers to questions like this, start here:

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