Advice needed for dream game (Cursed Pirate Treasure)

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Advice needed for dream game (Cursed Pirate Treasure)

Post by tvvladimir » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:37 am

Hi all,

Well my question really is: How can I do all of this with Blender engine? What can you advise me? I know I can't do it myself but is that possible? Is there already a prototype that can be used like teh Apricot team doing? Or maybe are there people willing to do this? Is this commercially possible?

My own skills: idea generation, concept art, novice skill with Blender, and this is only a hobby now (got main job).

I have an idea for a game: " An adventure where the player finds himself saved from the sea by the natives on an isolated island. When you wake up an elder gives you items fround by them from a white man who was here before you. Not understanding what the elder says you open the newly found journal and find out that it is from a captain pirate who died in this village and left clues and puzzles as to how to get to the treasure. Now you have to break the clues to get there and who knows, maybe there you will find the boat as well to get out of this island".

The game would feauture a massive island, so massive you can get lost in unless you draw a map in real life. So this should have streaming technology to load everything on the go or area loading like in half-life2. Also because the island has to be so difficult to navigate in: it shuld have caves, natural bridges, overhangs, craters and so on. So this might need ---> (1. Massive amount of meshes or 2. Voxel-based terrain). It should have astonishing graphcs like latest games.

The models that need to be done: trees, bushes, grass, flowers, fallen trees, debris, stones, waterfalls, spider nests, butterflies, bug cloud effects, maybe animals, fish, sharks, player puppet, player hands animated, native village, natives, native items, skeletons, secret doors, traps, island itself, clouds, day-night changing effect, dungeons, pirate stuff, pirate crushed ship, dead crew, treasure, a boat or small ship and so on.

THANKS ALOT, hopefully i didn't waiste ur time!

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Post by OTO » Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:47 am

Hello and welcome to the magical world of Game Blender
You don't waste my time at all...but don't waste yours too.
The answers to your questions is no, no ,no!
You've "idea generation/concept" skills?!
Good, use them to make a little level (20 000? polys), with some characters/armatures ( two or three?) some npc's/enemies ( four or five?) some animations ( basic) and FINISH it!
Before, I advise you to play many demos/games available, get the "feeling" of the engine, and make your game accordingly!

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Post by tvvladimir » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:07 pm

OTO wrote:get the "feeling" of the engine, and make your game accordingly!
Thanks for this advise! I will try and do what you told me to. Thanks for this advise! i'll get back when I'm done! :)

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