loading "maps" with Blender GE

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loading "maps" with Blender GE

Post by xerxes333 »

Is it possible with the Blender GE to create a base "game" that simply displays a default map that you can interact with (walk around) but you can later download other "maps" and have the ability to simply import the new "map" and interact with the new map. Or would I have to create an entirely new "game" and re-release the "new game" with the additional map?

A good example would be like Quake. You have the ability to download different maps but you don't have to download a newly packaged Quake game with the new map.

If this question is not clear LMK and I will explain in more detail what I am looking for.

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Post by bmud »

Investigate further in to the Apricot project. They included many different levels and then later there was a competition to add levels to the game. If I'm not mistaken there was a main game file that imported outsourced level files on the fly, likely using some sort of script.

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