Copying Rotation In-Game?

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Copying Rotation In-Game?

Post by Unvisibleness »

I was wondering how I could get one object to copy the rotation of another object in-game.

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My favourite way

Post by bmud »

You can go about this in two ways...

If you use this script, attach a "Message" actuator and name it "child" or "parent" respectively and make sure both are connected to the same python controller.

Code: Select all

# use the current logic brick
controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

act = controller.getActuator("parent")
Parent = act.getOwner()

act = controller.getActuator("child")
Child = act.getOwner()

Parent = Parent.getRotation()
Child = Child.getRotation()

xyz = [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
xyz[0] = (Parent[0] + Child[0]*2)/3
xyz[1] = (Parent[1] + Child[1]*2)/3
xyz[2] = (Parent[2] + Child[2]*2)/3


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