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Multiple Viewports

Post by yazclarke »

Can anybody tell me anything about multiple viewports?
Can they be implimented in Blender?
If so, how?


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Post by OTO »


multiple viewports??????????????????????????'
Do you mean Top, Front, Side views and the like at same time????????

If yes, i guess that you're a newbye to Blender, right??
It's better to you to post questions like this in the ElYsiun forum
Anyway, here's the answer
Sure you can have multiple viewports, Blender is highly AND EASILY customisable
The fastest way: go to the top bar and press the little white square buttom
near the SCE button and choose Screen or Screen.002
Now you have multiple views, just change the window type for a 3D type
If you want to change by yourself, place the mouse cursor near the horizontal line under the top bart, the cursor will change to a double arrow, press right mouse cursor and choose SPLIT AREA
Now you have a line "glued" to the cursor, just choose the place to "drop" it
And go on. To split again (horizontally) place the cursor near the new vertical line lal la
You can have many views as you wish

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Not that kind

Post by yazclarke »


Yeah of course i know how to do that
i mean in realtime, like for a split screen two player game

and i have tried to get into the Elysiun forum but i cant seem to register
if you could help me with that id be grateful too

thanks alot


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Post by Ben »

-No! you can't.There are some attempts(if you make a search
in the real-time forum in elysiun) but it's an experiment and there
are no games made with it.

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Post by z3r0_d »

it could be done...
(with a change in source)

it would need to be a feature request. I don't know if I am willing to work on it but I would suggest something like a viewport actuator.

a viewport actuator would be like combination of a scene actuator and a camera actuator.
different options:
thisviewport (changes apply to this viewport)
overlayviewport (new overlay viewport)
underlayviewport (new underlay viewport)
removethisviewport (remove this viewport)
removeviewport (remove viewport of choosing)

the options would be the scene and camera, and the location of the viewport.

(the remove options will not need all of this)
(is specifying a scene really necescary)

a problem may be encountered with, for example, this resulting in attempts to do the game logic (and python) once per viewport.
also, the culling algorythms (to come) will have to be written with this in mind.

(it is up to the artist to make sure the entire screen is filled? what will happen if it is not? is there a reason the artist would not fill the entire screen?)

reminder: this is my idea, I cannot guarntee that I will be the one include it, but I will be glad to not take credit if somebody else puts it into blender. Good features are good.

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Post by hanzo »

Sombody needs to do that!

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Post by snowy_duck »

YES- accualy you can make multiple veiw points in real time, to do this you need to make multiple cameras and each camera needs to be on different scene from the others, then in the edit buttons (selected camera) you can change how much the camera veiws, then once you have each camera showing a different veiw add each scene as an overlay/background (not sure which one) scene, this is a very easy way to make multiplayer games on the same screen. i think pooba made an example of this.

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Post by z3r0_d »

the problem with pooba's example is that it used the near/far clip settings to put the view on either the top or bottom half of the screen.

Put another way: If the track were not level it would not have worked.

Also the different scenes do not stay in synch, even if (though) they recieve the same inputs

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