Steemberg's algorithm for poly reduction as modifier?

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Steemberg's algorithm for poly reduction as modifier?

Post by Lorca » Mon May 10, 2010 4:55 pm

Hi guys! I guess must of you know about Eskil Steemberg and his works ( ).

The thing is: this guy wrote a interesting algorithm for polygonal reduction a long time ago (2001).

It remains useful for game prototyping I guess.

Here is a quick example on how this algorithm affects topology (YouTube) Please scroll to 9:45 :

This guy (Eskil) also did a modeler (LoqAirou) that implements the algorithm and it's available here: It's a joy to see the algorithm working in realtime, if you don't know about it yet, don't forget to take a look! :)

Does anybody has any hint on how to implement this algorithm into Blender modifiers? I think it would be very useful for the Blender Game Engine and non realistic / low poly modeling.

Thanks a lot for reading this,

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