How to make a .exe game in blender 2.53beta?

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How to make a .exe game in blender 2.53beta?

Post by shammu »

Hi All,

Any one please help me,

How to make a game as .exe or save game as run time in blender


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Post by nowego4 »

Unfortunately, the 2.5+ series does not support the "save as runtime" option. I believe this is temporary, to be implemented later on, maybe when it hits a stable 2.6.
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It is very simple to save game as a runtime in 2.5++

Post by aymeric3d »

1 - File >> User preferences
2 - Click on the Add-on tab
3- Select Game Engine in the menu on the left
4 - Check the Save as runtime box
5 - Close the User preferences Windows
6- File >> Export >> Save as runtime

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Post by SolarLune »

In Blender Render mode, in the Camera tab you can adjust the camera settings (size, as well as how to size the window when the runtime is made). It also may be available in Blender Game mode, but I'm not sure.
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