New Game Project - Bots/Artificially Intelligent Enemies

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New Game Project - Bots/Artificially Intelligent Enemies

Post by austeninc »

Hey everyone,
My friend and i just started working on a video game (not really sure what of yet), and I got to thinking- I can do everything but create artificial enemies that seem intelligent (ish). Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to do this simply using logic blocks so that the enemies at least seem to have some sort of intelligence. Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!


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Post by OTO »

a very basic set up, using states and non dynamic enemies ( but Actor)
state 1
Your enemy character walk around or do some animation
Always - > AND -> IPO Actuator - Play/Loop/SomeAnimation
Add Logic to check if the Player is aproaching
Radar/Near/Ray -> AND - State Actuator - Copy State2
If the Player enters the survey zone then State2 becomes active
In State 2 the enemy shoot
Always Sensor -> AND - IPO Actuator - SomeShootingAnimation
Always Sensor -> AND - Edit Object Actuator - Track to: thenameofthePlayerObjecthere
This is necessary to force the enemy to always target the player
Then you must find a way that if the player run away or dies to change to first state ( or other)

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Post by SolarLune »

If you want to create really intelligent enemies, use Python. Logic bricks can be used for some simple things, but for advanced behaviors like taking cover when being attacked or running for health when damaged, Python is the way to go.
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