Stereoscopic anaglyph rendering of Blender models

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Stereoscopic anaglyph rendering of Blender models

Post by zwanderer »

Hello all,

I am working on a project that requires me to visualize 3D models using Red-Cyan glasses in realtime.

i.e. I create a model in the usual way, and then there should be a mode that allows me to view the model in 3D and interact with it at the same time.

I've found some work done alredy that allows capturing stills of a model from two angles and stiching it into one 3D image. But I am more interested in the interactivity part of it.

Please let me know if you've come across such an implementation!

:-) Thanks and cheers

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Post by simtron »

I donno why anyone didn't reply to this question.
In blender you can actually play the game engine with anaglyph like rendering.
To achieve this., first change the blender mode to blender game.
In the properties menu->render tab you can find a sub menu tab by name "stereo" in this you can set it to stereo from none.The default option is anaglyph.You can tweak the settings to the desired amount from there.

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Post by BlenderFan123 »

I have wrote a letter to the blender support 2 days ago. Actually the anaglyph stereoscopic device of blender game works properly good, with a little but important failure and that is the fact that the blue and red picture should be switched. That's all!

Full explanation:
Normally the red glass of a 3D-glass is on the left side and the blue glass is on the right side of a 3D-glass. With the blue glass you see the red part of the picture and with the red glass you see the blue picture. Therefore the red picture should be the picture from the right point of view and the blue picture should be the picture from the left point of view. At the moment you could turn your 3D-glass to see the anaglyph picture in 3D.

I hope there will be a correction in the next release of blender! :-)

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anaglyph cam?

Post by bertuzzoshi »

Hi!! good idea!! add "anaglyph camera"! with a range cursor for the depth. and "choose the type of rendering "red/cyan" or "side by side" Some pythons scripts are ready for it but the best solution may be to add the cam in blender 2.61;)))
Nothing is impossible!!

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