need some of your advices.. tnx

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need some of your advices.. tnx

Post by angellion28 »

We want to create an RPG game for our thesis in school and we are dealing with problems in choosing a good engine for our game and as a newbie game creators, we wanted also to make a good sequence and twist of the story in the game. That's why we need your advices and tips that might help us to make this project successful. We totally appreciated your concern on this matter.[/b]
Anybody that can give us some help and advices regarding the RPG game creation using blender 3D software ap, and using python prog lang or game engines. this is for our thesis project, really need ur help. thank u very much..

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Post by Trafulgoth »

If you arn't familiar with modeling in blender, I recommend this:
Click on learning units and just go through them. That's how I learned.

For learning about the game engine, I recommend this: ... er-part-1/

That's where I learned basically everything about the BGE.
One important note is that It doesn't appear that the BGE allows you to use the Action actuator on anything except armatures, which is somewhat frustrating if you just want to animate a sphere or something, though I might be wrong there.

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Post by OTO »

you're "newbie game creators" and you want to make an RPG?!
Well, why not, if time ( 3 years?) its not a problem!
Anyway, Blender is the perfect tool for "newbie game creators", its 3D tools and Logic Brick system, makes "things" a lot easier!

Actions/Action Editor is the tool to animate Armatures/Meshes
To animate common objects just use the IPO Editor/Curves, named F-Curves now, in the 2.5 versions!

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