In-game mesh editing???

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In-game mesh editing???

Post by CylonWarrior »

My friend and i are working on a project that requires in-game modification of meshes, including extrude, subdivide, and others.

Now i have found the commands, no luck, and i've also tested just doing the modifications by hand and copying the code recorded into the script, again, no luck. I've also tested out toggling edit mode within the game as well.

I must add that i am not new to programming, but i am new to python, and blender. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by OTO »

I'm a programming illiterate but I guess that you can't "edit" objects inside the GE, at least like that!
You can check for yourself, here's the API documentation: ... 7_release/

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Post by simtron »

In game extrusions, mesh editing...Not possible :(

You may have all the editings and animate the just like shape keys with triggers in game engine.Dont waste your time reading the API its not there.

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Post by dokuro »

true, what you have to program is the animation, if you whant something extruded then you need to animate that extrusion and then add it to the program.

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