Trouble:Ball wont fall through basket!!!

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Trouble:Ball wont fall through basket!!!

Post by simtron »

Basically., I'm having a mesh which is the hoop of basket ball court and a ball.
I need the ball to fall via hoop in the game engine via physics.
I have the collision bounds on for both objects but still the ball doesn't fall through.
They react like they are two rigid bodies.
The ball always bounces off from the top of the hoop.
What should be done to make the ball fall through the hoop??

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Post by Barry »

Hi, i think it would work if you made the hoop a static object with no collision bounds.
You can also check the boundaries of the collision bounds by going to "object" (F7) -> "object buttons" -> "draw" -> "draw extra" -> check "bounds".
This way you can see the collision bounds... and you will probably notice that the collision bound of your hoop has no hole in the middle.

Hope this helps.

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