Layer question...

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Layer question...

Post by DanielBe »

I'm trying to figure out how the layers work.

If I for example create a house and then move parts of the house .e.g the roof to another layer I see the following:

The roof is moved but I have 2 arrays of layer buttons that seem to do almost the same thing. I change the layer so I only see the roof(that I moved) and try to change a few things. The problem is that ¨when I hit [TAB] to enter Edit mode I can't enter edit mode. (I can select the object it self but I can not edit it at all)

Shouldn't I be able to edit an object after I have moved it from layer 1 to layer 2???

Assume that I know from start that Layer 1 is objectA and layer 2 is object B. Which of the 2 Arrays of Layer select buttons should I use in order to select the layer I want to put my new object into.


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Post by Saluk »

The buttons go in order from left to right, top to bottom. So you would want the button right next to the upper left button, if you were sure what layer things were on. Note: pressing the layer button turns the layer on, pressing it again turns the layer off. So you are could be in a situation where you are looking at several layers at once.

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