Mobile phone 3D plugin?

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AFAIK the N-Gage doesn't have 3d acceleration at all, all it's done with the power of it's processor (that sounds coherent, think on about the power of a Pentium 1, with a screen smaller than the smallest 320x200 PC video mode - the P1 could run Quake 1 quite well witout hw accel), so we can create theoretically a pure java game engine, there are some applet game engines out there, search google for idx3d by example...

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Post by kid_tripod »

Sherman's right. N-Gage games are Symbian applications, written in C/C++. (Brilliantly demonstrated by the fact you can run N-Gage games on non-Nokia hardware if you know what you're doing). After all you can also get fully texture mapped 3D in games on Symbian based Sony Ericssons (the P800 and P900), with the 3D all done using software rendering.

I'm pretty certain that given a fixed maths library it wouldn't be too difficult to get working, and the market would be vast.

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